Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year

Okay, as the old year is coming to a close, my Mom is washing the celebratory once a year krab, I'd like to say that this year has been a year of changes. Probably not as many changes as 2005, the year of "the drive" (move to Indiana), or 2001, year of the screaming 8 lb. 6oz. Livi (we haven't found out how to get her to stop screaming yet). This year was my first in AP Chem and US History (and may God have mercy on my soul for thinking that I could handle AP Bio as well). I started writing again and I never really stopped. And I stopped blogging, without really ever meaning to. I forced myself to knit some things, and I frogged more than I finished, so that brings me to the important part:

Melanie's New Year Resolutions of 2009
1. Knit when possible, and even when impossible

2. finally lose a few pounds and be healthy

3. Get involved in ballet

4. Up my GPA (have been working on that one since I found out what it was!)

5. Blog... more. Like, at least once a month.

6. Win academic team state competition (last year we got 6th place!)

7. Read and read more. Read every book on my wish list and read beyond my normal boundaries

8. Schedule and organize my life better

9. Write every day, and finish my story

10. Finally learn how to really be nice, especially to my brother and sister, who are wonderful most of the time, and my parents, who finally let me get my driver's license! (yesterday!)

Happy new year, and holidays to everyone. I'll be in touch, most likely with some form of ten things you don't already know about me


artsycraftsy4fun said...

That is a very nice list you have their. I need to work on your last one to. I can be pretty mean to my siblings. Happy New Year!!!

Merenwen said...

Good luck with hte resolutions :) Getting my beginner's driver's license is one of my resolutions.

Ashley said...

You should start your ballet resolution! I only started ballet about 8 months ago, and it's so much fun, I'm even on pointe now. I'm shamupops on ravelry by the way! Make sure you post when you start lessons! You'll be a lovely ballerina!

Ashley said...
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