Friday, January 2, 2009

Warm Woolen Mittens

Okay, Let's get something straight: I am not a world class designer. I do not have hundreds of patterns available online, in books, and in magazines. Actually, I only have one, it's on this blog, and on Ravelry (warm woolen mittens on Ravelry or Pixie Knits: Warm Woolen Mittens). I don't expect to have other knitters acclaim my talent, beg me to write more patterns, or even comment on my silly little blog which so very few people read, and thank you to those of you who do, if there are any.

I might expect my flipping pattern to be higher up on the pattern search though. Out of curiosity, I searched "mittens" on Ravelry. 4145 matches, 208 pages of delight. Don't worry dear knitters, I have braved the surf of patterns, and Warm Woolen Mittens is on the 33rd page!

Narrow the search to "free patterns only" and mine will be on the 12th page of 79 pages, 1567 matches.

Narrow it further to patterns available on Ravelry for free, and mine is on the 3rd page of 16, out of 301 matches.

Oh, if you're looking for a super-bulky mitten pattern, then it's on the 2nd page out of 106 matches.

My time was not wasted at all, as I found several things to add to the favorites, including several lacy versions of fingerless mitts that I will most likely never make. For the three people who actually decided to brave the new-designer's stigma, I hope they enjoyed the pattern. It is also queued by 24 people, most likely because I complained that no one saw it in about 4 different conversations.

In case you're wondering, my new idea is to promote the pattern endlessly and to create more wonderful designs, including the Keira sweater, which I already have yarn for, and the Lucienne tank, but adult-sized and with better taste.

My recent project status is as follows:
Minneco: needs a strap
Shawl: halfway completed
OPal socks: frogged
Everything else: on hold until I finish the shawl
*As a precaution for anyone who reads this, I love Ravelry. I just wish that more people would read my pattern. It makes me feel important.

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