Monday, June 23, 2008

Emergency Knitting supplies

We've all done it: taken a not-so-uncomplicated project knitting with us on vacation. Believe me, knitting supplies and packing don't go well together. We all inadvertently forget the scissors, the yarn needle, the cable needle, or the stitch markers. So, I pulled together a list of emergency knitting supplies for when you forget a piece of the project (I can even help you out if you forget the yarn!)

The nail clippers

Don't saw your yarn with a table knife! They work in a pinch if you forgot scissors, and most people have them stuffed in their cars somewhere.

The Paperclip

It is the ultimate knitting tool! You can bend it and make it a stitch-marker, or you can use it as an impromptu cable needle!!!

The plastic bag, turned plarn

Start a new project, to make a knitting bag to hold your lovely, forgotten project!

The Bobby Pin

It works as a yarn needle for sewing up socks, but for a regular weaving-in project, wait till you get home.

AND, the piece de resistance,

The pencil

You can use it to write, and you can use it to cable. You can even use it to knit with, as long as you wash out the graphite stains. Or, you could always use it's good friend, the pen.


knitter819 said...

Very helpful. I will try to remember this next time I forget to bring something, or dreadfully leave it behind on the trip back.

Merenwen said...

Helpful tips!

PS: My cat's name is Mouse, oddly enough.

rainin9 said...

I know about almost all of them, except the bobby pin. Never thought it could be used that way. :)

Severus said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one who will grab a bobby pin to finish socks!

Maire said...

Good words.