Wednesday, June 18, 2008

NOW the pictures

Well. Now I've figured out how to upload pictures without moaning and crying in frustration, I will show and tell you all about my summer (so far). The pictures are of myself, the opal sock, the market bag/earth day project, and Mom's lacy socks.Then there's the pictures of the tinkerbell slippers, which I made several pairs of and conveniently didn't take pictures of, my messy room, my knitting basket, piles of junk. Then there's the pictures of Florida, and Crochet hat, and (almost) finished opal sock. PLUS they're all in reverse order of what I told you! Isn't blogging fun?


Merenwen said...

I really should get a better camera... nice pictures, by the way. Such a shame that this computer monitor is so darn dark.

rainin9 said...

First time I'm here and I like your blog template. It's nice :) And the tinkerbell slippers sound interesting... Maybe I should add it to my too-long queue. Hehe..