Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas projects

Okay, I finished my dad's stupid brown all wool super thick socks. He said that they're not thick enough. It's like, if I'm going to spend weeks of my time knitting something for anyone, they had better be at least somewhat grateful, you know? Anyway, my dad and brother are going to the Lake for a graduation party and my mom, me, and my sister are staying home. Scary movie and fudge time! I think I'm getting sick, so it's probably better if I stay home and knit anyways. Mom doesn't like scary movies and Livi's 6, so if I have nightmares at 3am, you guys are the first ones to hear about it, okay?

As for the inevitable Christmas projects, I'm making 3 scarves and 1 set of mittens (as of now). I still don't know what I'm going to give my carpool, my favorite aunt who gave me the rest of grandma's yarn when she died (she was my favorite aunt before that), and all of the small presents for my friends. And some stocking stuffer type things so that my family can't rattle the boxes and find out what they have.

My Grandma (the living one) called and asked me for christmas present ideas. Well, thanks gma! She never gives me ideas for what to give her! And they have to be tangible presents, not gift cards. Dang it, I want iTunes money! Last year, with a total lack of present ideas, we got socks with a $50 bill inside. So what do I want? I don't know. What do you ask for that's not uber expensive and is easy for my gift-challenged aunt to find? (she does all of my gma's Christmas shopping. And she has a notorious history of getting the cheapest version of anything even if it breaks the next day and even if you *specifically* ask for a brand name thing because you knoe the cheap one will rot and break before you even open the box)Not that I'm mean or picky about gifts. It's the thought that counts, right? But I don't want my family to waste their money, especially on me. I mean, I don't want anyone to buy me a present and spend time and money on it if I won't use it. That's the other thing. They never include gift receipts. So, if whatever it is breaks, it's garbage. I really don't care if you spend $1 or $100 on me, it's the thought that counts.


Teen Knit Rock said...

Hey Melsbells--
Haven't forgotten about ya... ok, kinda did- haha. But I did just sign up for Ravelry- I have ta wait a while, but I'm excited for it. I was just sick recently too- ick when it's this time of the year. I missed 2 days of school and pounds of homework! Stinky, but I'm on my inevatable Christmas knitting as well. I've made like a dozen hats already- I know it. Scarves are always quick and easy and I usually have some just in my basket incase I need one. haha- good luck on the gift stuff. I totally get what you mean. Giftcards are always an easy out if you don't know what to say. Especially the Simon giftcards- those are like mini creditcards and super fun.

Feel better! && keep knitt'n :)

Teen Knit Rock said...

Hey Melsbells--

Haven't forgotten about ya... ok, kinda did. haha, I finally signed up for ravelry. Still got some time to wait on that, but I'm excited for it.

Being sick in this weather is so icky- I just was sick as well, missed two days of school, came back and teachers like handed me pounds of paper! It's just not fair. So I hope you feel better and don't have to go threw the same.

Christmas knitting- so much fun. I think I've done like a dozen hats already- and scarves are easy to whip out- I even keep extras in my basket just in case I need one.

As for the gift gving. I think if you don't know what to say the giftcards are the way to go. Especially the Simon giftcards. They're like mini credit cards that are accepted anywhere!

Get Better! && keep knitt'n :)

Teen Knit Rock said...

ok- haha, didn't read the top part til now... i just sent you two of the same comments just about. haha- sorry!! :)