Sunday, December 2, 2007

Whatever will I do?

I just bought the most BEAUTIFUL brown metallic Patons Brilliant yarn. I have 10 50g balls just waiting for me to sink my teeth into (500 grams, math whizzes). What should I do with it? Should I make a sweater? A shawl? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I know, I have to post pics of the dumb brown socks, the beautiful brown yarn, and all my other yarn goodies. Maybe next Saturday, I'll blog my stash. It's not really that impressive, but I do need to quit buying. I just like to have yarn on hand to play with! I might even have a yarn giveaway contest. Or maybe just see if anyone wants to swap or something. Fair warning: most of it is acryllic and inherited (i.e. from Grandma or goodwill) and some of it I don't even know what it is.

Blogging time cuts into sleeping, homework, and knitting time, so ttyl. Honors English and Honors Chem and Honors Algebra II homework doesn't do itself, you know! But it does get done at 6:20 when I arrive at school. Yes that's early, but I get up at 5:00, leave at 5:30 and get to school at 6:20 (it takes me 45 minutes to get to school). The on top of all that, school doesn't start until 7:55 and ends at 3:00. Yeah. Sleeping isn't very high on my priority list when there's school. Maybe I'll just catch up on it in Latin and in the car.

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