Monday, December 17, 2007

Pay it forward!

I hereby pledge to send a handmade gift to the first three people who comment on this entry. No real promises about time frame, but it’ll be within the next 365 days. In return, you have to post the same offer on your blog, and prepare to send a gift to three other people.

Okay, now that that's over with, TODAY IS A SNOW DAY!!! Finals are in 2 days (Wednesday, Thursday, And Friday) and Christmas knitting is in overload... Grandma's mittens/scarf/sweater aren't started because I frogged them so many times. It's definitely not a sweater any more and Grandma never wears hats, but I really want to use up that yarn! Any ideas?

Susan's socks are almost done, but I foresee that I'll need more yarn! I'll have to get Mom to buy some from Walmart tomorrow since today it is too unbelievably snowy and dangerous to go out.

I have no idea what I'm going to get my best friend, short of hot cocoa mix and an i.o.u. Any ideas there would be greatly appreciated also. And I've decided that I'll make my aunt Suzie something for Christmas, but I don't know what. Probably mittens because I won't be able to finish socks in time.

That's all the updates I can think of at the moment. If I don't update this for a while, it's probably because our internet is blocked off or the satellite isn't working. Drop me a line if you get bored, I'm probably watching a movie, drinking hot cocoa, or avalanched under some final review books.Merry Christmas!


Teen Knit Rock said...

you got a snow day!!! I loovee snow days- they make me so happy. We usually don't get them anymore because they just figure we can walk in anything--- anyway, hats are always super fast, I think those are my super power- but if you know mittens, get a bit of a thicker yarn and bigger needles, that way they'll go faster! If grandma doesn't wear hats, I think mittens or a scarf would make her happy-- happy knitting! and am I one of the 1st 3??? if so I'll post the same- if not, I won't post...

Floderten said...

Aaw you think my brother is cute?? :P Won't he be excited about that! I'm not even sure he knows I posted the pics... *snkt* ;)

Merry Christmas to you too - I hope you finish all your Christmas knitting in time! Though, by the sound of it, you might need a minor Christmas miracle. :P I'm so glad I only did the one thing - and I almost didn't finish that in time! I procrastinate too much...

My Christmas vacation starts in 23 minutes. O_O Woo!! We don't have any snow yet, but we never get it until January, and then it's like someone dumped a truck-load on us. And it stays until April. :P *sigh*