Friday, November 2, 2007


OK, did anyone notice that everyone online knits the same patterns, reads the same books and blogs, and uses the same yarn? I'm all for KAL's and stuff like that, but come on! Can't we branch out, just a little? What happened to all of the funky fashionistas who flirt with the edge between cool and insane? Use vintage, follow a pattern, improve your pattern, or make up your own! We need a little craziness! Please?


Erica said...

I've noticed that too. Sometimes a pattern is just too cute and you have to make it. Other times I'll start a pattern that I really like only to find that there are a lot of other people already making it.

Welcome to the MWK blog ring.

Lisa said...

I noticed you added me as a friend on Ravelry... So I decided to check out your blog.

In response to this particular post, I just have never really gotten into the whole KAL thing. It always seems like no one is making the things that I want to knit at the same time as me.

I don't really like reading a whole lot of knit blogs either because I don't really know those people. The blogs I mostly read are from family members and friends. I do keep up on some of the biggies though that other people read too.