Monday, January 19, 2009

Things you don't know about me

1.I like ballet inspired clothes, especially legwarmers and shirts that have low scoop backs. Actually, I like almost anything that has to do with ballet.

2.I'm captain of the Academic English Team because I love to read. I read when I'm bored, tired, crabby, and when I need to escape.

3.I don't finish half as many projects as I start. I like casting on so much that I forget to cast off.

4.I belong to the Loose Ends, which meets on Tuesdays at Coffee D'Vine. You can come at 7:00 PM if you know where that is.

5.I'm not good at becoming my dreams. I dream high and far away and I get disappointed even when I know how unattainable some of my dreams are.

6.I'm stingy and parsimonious, but I still never have enough money to do all the things I want to.

7. I love "I Love Lucy" and I generally wish I had her life. Wouldn't mind Ricky Ricardo...

8.My hero is Audrey Hepburn. There isn't a moment when I don't envy her, although I disagree with her fickleness concerning marriage. William Holden is my idea of perfect.

9.In case you didn't notice, I love old movies and TV shows. I'm the one out of my friends that was born in the wrong time period. 1980 would have been my kind of time...

10. My favorite TV shows are Grey's Anatomy, House, The Mentalist, and occasionally Private Practice. I watch them when they come on the DVR. Even if I have homework.

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Merenwen said...

I think 1980 would've been my era, too - or 1970. I'm not sure. I'm part-hippie, part-80s...