Monday, April 14, 2008

Should Be Studying

I should be doing some homework or studying or cramming for Academic Team (of which the last meet is tomorrow, which I have decided there is no room for error and we must make it to state), but I'm posting to you guys because A) I love you and B) I haven't posted in forever and C) I'm getting no comments!

I'm writing a book-sized story and I may post excerpts of it here. I've officially got an editor who will ruthlessly cut it to bits and make me sew it together again, but I'd do the same for him. We have an interesting relationship... He's on the E.A.Team too and he's going to either kick my butt or I'll kick his.

Pics later, have been on ravelry too much and neglected my blog... Lots of projects though! G2G, study and do homework. I'll let you know the results Wednesday, as I will be dead tired tomorrow!

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Severus said...

I hope everything went well with your team. I've just gotten a ravelry account I'm SeverusSnape on there i'll have to go and look your stuff up :)