Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Those darn socks!

Okay, you all saw the beige sock I finished? It turned out mongo huge! I gave the pair to my Cough, little, cough, brother. Dad is finally getting his socks. They're brown all wool ones... Post pics soon. I started the soft as a bunny makeup bag from hollywood knits. Only 3000 people in front of me for ravelry! woo hoo! It's all I can think about when I go online! And I'm going to start those spiral boot socks from interweave knits summer 2007. Later!


Floderten said...

Hey! :) Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, that was so sweet of you!

Yeah, the guy in the photos, that's my boyfriend. ;) He IS a cutie! Damn well had to steal him from other girls who were chasing him - I feel quite proud. :D He's going to hate being called a "cutie", though. He doesn't like being "cute". He'd rather be rugged and manly. Don't they all...?

I really, really like your first sweater!! Well done!! It fits you so nicely; a very flattering fit. :) My first sweater... Well. Bulky. ;) Enough said.
I hope you get on Ravelry soon; there's a lot of great groups, including one for teen knitters, which I'm on myself - I'll send you an invite as soon as you become a Raveler, so give me a heads up as soon as that happens!! :)

Trine xx

Moze said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I wanted to respond when your mom asked, but she didn't leave any way to contact her.

Anyway--the pattern I used for my sweater was from Family Circle Easy Knitting, Fall 2004. It's pattern #41, shown on page 73.

Hope to see you on Ravelry soon!