Saturday, October 13, 2007

Socks and a Sweater

I finished the socks! Yay! Livi wants to wear them ASAP, so I guess they won't be Christmas presents anymore. Mom wants some socks too, because she's too impatient to make them herself.Here's a picture of my yellow sweater because I never posted pics of it. Sorry it's sideways! I can never get the hang of blogger! The pattern is from Teen Knitting Club and it's the boatneck. This is proof that I actually do finish projects from time to time. The biggest problem I had with that sweater was the seaming. It looks pretty sloppy to me, but I love that sweater so much and I don't care. It looks divine for my first sweater!

Oh, and I frogged the plarn bag. It just didn't have the hippie life in it that I hoped. I'm searching for the right pattern for it still. All of the plarn bags I've found are just big squares. THANK YOU! I just thought of a pattern, mid post. Now I'm thinking I'll use the ripple bag pattern Livi found at Wal-Mart. Hopefully the pattern isn't as bad as the cabled bag from Micheal's. Oh, and I just joined the Grey's Anatomy KAL. The link should be in my profile.


Queen of the froggers said...

Fantastic socks and the sweater is great! Thank you for the comment x

Babs said...

There are some reeeally great bag patterns in Folk Bags. I want to make this mesh-like Market bag, a Teahouse sling bag that's in lovely green and blue, a crisp, bright Japanese origami bag---it's a really great book.