Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My First Sweater

Hi, I am almost finished with my first sweater. I'm working on the first of two yellow sleeves. Hey, everyone has to start somewhere! Eventually, I'll be able to wear it to school. I'm lucky it fits in with the strict 5 colors we're allowed to wear at school. Khaki pants and a navy blue, black, red, yellow, or white polo shirt and sweaters of the same 5 colors- doesn't that make a wonderful rainbow? I've got an Anatomy test the day after tomorrow- who knows what axillary refers to? I do! Armpit! Who knew?I'm also working on a tank top with my mom- it's blue and striped. Soon I'll start on a poly-wool blend purse and a sweater shell. To save the environment, I'm making a durable bag out of plastic bags. That could be a while before I finish it!

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Ry said...

HEY MELANIE! haha. well uhm i love you. knitting is pretty funn. haha. lol luff ya