Monday, September 10, 2007

Chicks with Sticks: it's a purl thing

Okay, I know a whole book about knitting doesn't sound interesting (knit 1, purl 2, YO, decrease, Boring!) but this book is amazing for a teenage knitter. It makes everyone wish that finding a magic like knitting can help you make friends, overcome a Learning Disorder, get awesome clothes, remove stress, get closer to your mom, and find out who you really are. Maybe knitting won't solve all of these problems for you, but I happen to know that knitting is proven as effective as yoga for relaxing and removing stress (so if you don't dig all that stretching, KNIT!). The parts about knitting that say the girl was addicted to it, maybe a little too strong. But knitters are all connected in a super circle. Everyone knows its more fun to go shopping with friends than to go alone, and its the same with knitting. It's a communal thing; you do it while talking, watching movies, and hanging out, and pretty soon you have a new sweater or blanket or purse or whatever else you decide to make. It's especially important to the fashion forward people; what happened if you made a sweater that was a perfect fit for you? Everything about it just. . . fits. That's what happens when you knit with friends. . . you just click.


Babs said...

Nice to find another teenage knitter. Considering that every other knitter seems to be at least 40, despite the fact that there's supposedly lots of young knitters, it's cool. Also, do you ever have the problem that 'small' sizes aren't actually small enough, because they aren't written for teenagers?

Melsbells said...

actually, I've found that most of my patterns are teen-sized. You are one of the first knitters that I've found that started knitting at another time/place than me. I got the book Teen Knitting Club and most of the patterns are pretty cool. Yeah, so if you need a pattern to work on, that book has some cool sweaters and other stuff, especially to do with friends. I just got my friends involved, but they're too new at it to pick up any real projects. That book I thought was cool in one of my posts (Chicks with sticks) also had some patterns, but not anything big. Just scarves and socks and mittens and stuff like that. There are three of those books, but I've only read the first two

Babs said...

OMG, I just finished reading this book and I lurved it. I also only paid $3, so that was cool. Anyway, I wanted to ask you if you were on yet. I wanted to start a Teen Knitters group there, and I wanted to know if you were interested. If you aren't on Ravelry, sign up now, because there's like, 17,000 people waiting to get in.